Dr. Nicholas P. Bruno   RI Art History


Dr. Bruno is a Rhode Island art history scholar and a member of the Providence Art Club.  He has supported and contributed to many art history books and exhibitions, including:


African-American Art,  by Sharon Patton 1998, Oxford University Press; the traveling exhibition of Edward Mitchell Bannister  at Kenkeleba  House, and the Whitney Museum of American Art, both in New York City,  1992;   Edward Mitchell Bannister : A Centennial Retrospective , at the Roger King Gallery , Newport , RI , 2001  and Kenkeleba House, NY,  2002; The painting New England Landscape, 1893 by George W. Whitaker,  a gift to the Providence Art Club, was published in American Art Review: Rhode Island Painters of the Late 19th Century , February, 2008


Twenty years of Dr. Bruno's personal files and research are integral to this film; his in-kind donation of these files and contacts are the heart of the Bannister research.


Dr. Bruno's work continues on the project, and as contact for the archives of the Providence Art Club. These archives include: exhibition catalogues, diaries, sketchbooks from Bannister and from his co-founders George Stetson and George Whitaker.   


Both Stetson and Whitaker wrote about Bannister in their memoirs, and their first hand accounts are important Bannister resources.